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Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore, a land of colour and passion. - In a part of Switzerland which has always been a magnet for visitors on account of its warmth and Mediterranean light, Lake Maggiore has been attracting visitors for over 100 years. The lake, which was a particular passion for Stendhal and other writers, seems to exert an irresistible fascination. But why did naturists, visionaries and Utopians who dreamt of a new world and a better way of life choose to plant their colonies here? Why, after the war, did European writers, artists and intellectuals, from Hesse to Remarque, from Frisch to Highsmith, from Jawlensky to Max Ernst, decide to live there? There is an answer, and it's the one the tourists give. Here palm trees grow next to chestnuts and between the dry stone walls there's the agave; here the walks above the lake offer views which remind one of the Cte d'Azur; here the air is scented with jasmine, the light has the intense colours and reflections of the South, and even life promises to be easier. Lake Maggiore is the image of the South - a surprising and magical South, near the heart of Europe, with the Alps as a backdrop. Within a few kilometres you can leave behind the gentle shores of the lake with its lively towns and palm trees and discover the enchantment of the majestic green valleys, leading up to peaks of over 3,000 metres with glaciers and breathtaking Alpine scenery, dotted with little villages of stone houses hidden away in the chestnut forests, and traversed by rivers where the water is the colour of emerald. As a land of emotions and contrasts Lake Maggiore is the ideal destination for your holidays. There's everything: unspoilt nature, spectacular scenery, the best climate in Switzerland, major cultural events, beaches, lake shores, an early spring, a golden autumn, wine and food specialities, and an infinite number of possibilities for excursions and for every kind of physical activity, from golf to the extreme sports like canyoning and the best bungee jumping in Switzerland.
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