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Lake Maggiore

Excursionists' paradise. - On foot or by cable-car? By boat or by bus? There are a thousand ways to discover a region as rich in natural and cultural attractions as Lake Maggiore. Hundreds of kilometres of well marked hiking trails, themed routes, itineraries for expert excursionists or easy strolls, as well as an extensive network of public transport make it easy to discover a unique and exciting area. Mountains, valleys and the lake offer an incredible variety of excursions. How could you miss out on a trip to Cardada, the panoramic mountain above Locarno, which is easily reached by the modern cable-way designed by the architect Mario Botta? Or an excursion in the splendid nearby valleys where, at the foot of rock walls, among chestnut woods and icy cold rivers, you can rediscover the charms of the ancient stone villages? From the picturesque Ponte dei Salti at Lavertezzo in Valle Verzasca and the modern church of Mogno in Vallemaggia (also by Mario Botta); from the Walser village of Bosco Gurin, to the protected territory of the wild Valle Bavona; from the alp of Salei in Valle Onsernone to the isolated village of Indemini in the Gambarogno, there is simply too much choice. And what a marvellous experience it is to take a boat trip on Lake Maggiore! The classic destinations are the Brissago Islands, with their botanical park filled with exotic species, the palaces and magnificent gardens of the Borromeo Islands, and the typical Italian markets, overflowing with all kinds of goods and crowded with people. Among the special offers is the Lago Maggiore Express, un unforgettable excursion between Switzerland and Italy which combines a boat trip with a journey on the spectacular and romantic little train of the Centovalli. There are also numerous short walks for everyone: the ones round the area of Monte VeritÓ in Ascona, to the Sanctuary of Madonna del Sasso, or along the lakeside at Rivapiana are among the best known and most popular.
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