Must see places in Switzerland

Switzerland may look like a small country, but there are many top Swiss attractions that cover the eyes and hearts of many tourists who come with their family and friends to spend a memorable and an everlasting vacation.

Appenzell, a village is located on the northeastern side of Switzerland is a very popular tourist attraction place. This seems to be a different world as the streets are narrow, and buildings are painted with all ways of colorful pattern, ranging from different landscapes to vibrant flowers, people, and animals. It is well- known for its cheeses and embroidery.

Bern, Switzerland’s capital and home to some of the most impressive architectures and hence it is often referred to as “city of fountains” for more than 100 fountains. It is the paradise of Switzerland in night time as the streets are decorated with lightning textures.

Swiss Grand Canyon consists of thousands of tons of rocks, boulders and mud crashed to the floor of Rhine Valley, damming the river over nearly 10,000 years. Raft tours in river usually take place from May to October with the help of professional guides.

Brienz is located on the shores of Lake Brienz to the east of Interlaken, famous for its woodcarving and Giessbach falls. It is the place where most of the woods were carved. The breathtaking views can be seen through tourist train.